The standardization, effectiveness and timeliness of pre sale, after sale and after sale services are closely related to the interests of users, and increasingly become the focus of customers' attention. We will be active, quick response, ready to meet the needs of customers.
Pre-sale: The customer's project-oriented, designed to fully meet customer needs.
In-sale: Provide comprehensive services to our customers by professional manufacturing team and share excellent quality, advanced technology and cost-optimized solutions with our customers.
After-sale: Listen to customer feedback patiently and dedicatetomeet customer needs.



Advances in technology and sophisticated equipment have guaranteed product quality and enabled the sales network to grow.
Always put the interests of customers first, and constantly improve the quality of products while improving the customer service system.
Strong technical force, excellent product quality, and advanced marketing network make the products fruitful in China.
The business has established a market system and service system based on the Taizhou market and continuously expanding to the national market.
In good faith for the purpose of business, the courage to innovate, and constantly open up, to the world.
It will continue to pursue and constantly surpass and open up the next milestone.
I look forward to further cooperation with you in the near future.
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